Aesthetics Center

Aesthetics Center


There are many medical and cosmetic reasons to consider a facial aesthetic procedure at North Suburban Eye Specialists. From a droopy eyelid that is impairing your vision to wrinkles that leave you looking older than you feel, our team of specialists can help you see, feel, and look years younger.


Facial Aesthetics Overview



Botox® Cosmetic

Most fine lines on the face are caused by the contraction of muscles beneath the skin, which affects the skin over time. BOTOX works by physiologically weakening the muscles that are directly related to facial wrinkles, leading to smoother skin. BOTOX injection is the #1 safe and effective treatment for dramatically reducing wrinkles in aging skin. BOTOX is highly effective for crow’s feet, frown lines, and worry lines. The procedure should be repeated every four months in order to retain the result.

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Juvederm® injections can help to reduce fine lines and furrows, restoring a smoother and more youthful appearance to your skin. Once injected, the filling material gently fills furrowed areas of the face and can also create fuller lips. The result is not permanent because the body will eventually metabolize the injected material. Results typically last four to six months, but can last longer depending on the material selected. A very small percentage of patients may experience an allergic reaction.

Juvederm® is the world’s most commonly used cosmetic dermal filler. It is made of hyaluronic acid, which naturally provides volume and fullness to the skin and can smooth away moderate to severe facial wrinkles.

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If you’re unsatisfied with your under chin fat, Kybella® may be right for you. It is the only FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment that destroys fat cells permanently under the chin, leaving you with a slimmer facial profile.

Once Kybella® is injected under the chin, fat cells being to immediately deteriorate. Once they have been destroyed, they no longer have the ability to store or accumulate fat within the area. The procedure is unique to each patient, and takes between 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

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Latisse: Longer, Fuller Lashes

If you’re unsatisfied with your eyelash volume, Latisse® may be the best way to longer, thicker, fuller lashes. Latisse is the first and only FDA-approved treatment for hypotrichosis (lack of hair growth) used to grow eyelashes. This is a daily topical treatment, and full results are generally seen after about 16 weeks.

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