North Suburban Eye Specialists First in Minnesota to Introduce Contoura Vision Treatment

North Suburban Eye Specialists First in Minnesota to Introduce Contoura Vision Treatment

Revolutionary new procedure provides surgeons the ability to improve vision through a treatment of each patient’s unique corneal topography.


Blaine, Minn. – North Suburban Eye Specialists, a technologically leading eye care center and regional hub for patients seeking cataract, LASIK, corneal and glaucoma eye surgeries, has recently become the first eye care facility in Minnesota to perform Alcon’s Contoura Vision Treatment, a topography-guided LASIK treatment for patients with nearsightedness and nearsightedness with astigmatism. The new procedure represents the first big advancement in LASIK technology in the last 10 years and is the first procedure to offer improved night vision.

FDA trials for Contoura LASIK showed the best vision results for any LASIK study ever performed. See results here. Fully 1 in 3 patients obtained 20/12 vision (twice as good as 20/20). Thirty percent of patients could see a full line better than with their glasses or contacts.  After Contoura, patients had less light sensitivity and less glare than they did with their glasses or contacts, the first time this has ever been achieved in an FDA LASIK treatment study.

Developed over 10 years and backed by FDA approval, Contoura Vision was designed to provide surgeons like North Suburban Eye Specialists’ Dr. Mark Lobanoff with the ability to perform a laser treatment based on the unique corneal topography of each eye.  The results are a major leap forward over how LASIK has been performed for the last 20 years.

“By treating the microscopic hills and valleys on each eye we are able to smooth the topography of the cornea, improving how light is focused on the retina,” said Dr. Lobanoff. “This long awaited technology provides countless benefits to patients seeking LASIK. Vision post-procedure is not just equal to glasses or contacts, but better. Treating the topography results in better sharpness of vision and night driving abilities, and decreases reading difficulties and light sensitivity.  By far, it is the best the world has ever seen.”

During the procedure, a patient’s eye is imaged and analyzed using 22,000 unique elevation points on the cornea. The data is collected to make a unique user profile which is then used to automatically adjust laser placement to match the patients’ eye topography during the treatment.

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