What Happens The Day Of My Procedure?

What Happens The Day Of My Procedure?

Many people are nervous on the day of their procedure. We understand, which is why we do everything we can to help you understand what’s happening at each step of your procedure and what you can expect to see, feel, and experience.

NSES_Web_LASIK icons_2013-10-22-04-04After arriving at the surgery location, we will walk through the steps of your procedure, and you will be offered medicine to help you relax. Once inside the LASIK suite, things move quickly and efficiently. Your entire LASIK procedure will take only 5 minutes per eye, and patients are often ready to leave our center within 20 minutes. In fact, many patients are surprised when we tell them we’re finished – they hadn’t realized we had already completed their LASIK procedure!


stephanie“I was very satisfied with my eye surgery that Dr Lobanoff performed at North Suburban Eye Specialists and have suggested him to my friends and colleagues. I could see great right away and I was not anxious about the surgery at all as they told me what was going to happen each step of the way. The staff there is great.”

Stephanie Hansen – myTalk FM107 Radio


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