Glasses No Longer Allowed in Passport Photos

Glasses No Longer Allowed in Passport Photos



Effective November 1st, 2016, people applying for a new passport must take off their glasses before their picture is taken. Within the past year, there were more than 200,000 passport photos submitted of such poor quality that they did not pass government standards. What was the number one reason? Glasses. Lenses cause shadows and glares on the face that can make someone almost unrecognizable, which ultimately makes the passport deemed useless. With 20 million passport applications expected to come through the State Department this year, this change will help avoid needless clogging.


Under this rule, there are certain exceptions that allow glasses to be worn. The State Department says that in situations of “documented medical necessity during urgent-travel,” glasses may be worn if you have a signed statement from a medical professional.


If you’ve already had your passport picture taken with glasses prior to this change don’t worry, it’s still valid, you’ll just be asked to take them off when you get it renewed.


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