Jaime’s LASIK Journey

Follow along with our social media expert as she experiences LASIK at North Suburban Eye Specialists! Why I Want LASIK Listen to what annoys Jaime most about contacts and glasses and excites her about the possibility of LASIK. Follow upcoming videos to see Jaime’s entire LASIK journey with North Suburban Eye Specialists and Dr. Mark Lobanoff. 1 Week Before Jaime finds out if she’s a candidate for LASIK. Hear about her LASIK consultation with Dr. Mark Lobanoff. The Day Before Jaime prepares for LASIK surgery. See what she looks forward to most after ridding the contacts and glasses and prepares for 20/20 vision. The Day After Jaime successfully gets LASIK. Hear all about how easy her LASIK surgery experience was and how she’s doing one day after. One Week Later One week after – See how LASIK has impacted Jaime’s life just one week after her...

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