LASIK Journeys

Gina Horkey: Why I Decided to Pursue LASIK

Holy Hannah, I can see! Without glasses. Without contacts. And it feels amazing! In fact, if I could have fully envisioned how my life would be improved after having LASIK, I would have done it YEARS ago. Why I Wanted LASIK Do you want to know what the most inconvenient part of wearing contacts and glasses was for me? My biggest pain point was actually settling in to watch TV before going to bed each night. Weird, right? I can’t imagine we’re much different than any other couple with young children. We do the whole dinner, clean up and playtime thing and then put the kids to bed. Most of the time we’re pretty exhausted by this point (and it’s totally winter here right now, so it gets dark really early), so we’ll get ready for bed ourselves, watch a show or two and head off to dreamland. And after having kids, I’m most comfortable laying on my side. (I know you other mamas can relate!) Lying on my left side is especially advantageous as our small flat screen is mounted in the corner of the wall, kiddie corner from my side of the bed. Now, pre-LASIK I couldn’t see that 20ish inch screen from my spot on the...

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