North Suburban Eye Specialists Brings New Technology to Patients with the Raindrop Inlay

North Suburban Eye Specialists Brings New Technology to Patients with the Raindrop Inlay

Raindrop Inlay


A New Year brings new opportunity to make healthy changes for your eyes. Aging can bring a dramatic difference in your vision. Reading the newspaper may have been a part of your daily morning routine, but has now become a hassle having to fumble with reading glasses to see text clearly. This condition, called Presbyopia, is a common occurrence in people ages 40-60 that make it more difficult to read things at a close range. Many people begin to manage this condition by having to hold reading materials far away from their face, causing headaches and eyestrain. Others may cope by using reading glasses, however, they eventually struggle with having to take them on and off throughout their day to see clearly.

Sadly, the inconvenience of Presbyopia can start to interfere with your life. North Suburban Eye Specialists is proud to announce an innovative procedure that can help patients attain optimal eyesight for reading. Dr. Mark Lobanoff has decided to bring in a new technology to North Suburban Eye Specialists that can help eliminate this problem.

What is Raindrop Near Vision Inlay?

This new procedure, called the Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay, is here to help free patients from reading glasses. The Raindrop is a small, clear disk called an ‘inlay’ and is approximately the size of a pinhead. It’s composed of approximately 80% percent water and materials similar to a soft contact lens called hydrogel. This process, which only takes about 10 minutes to complete, is a non-painful alternative to readers and the first of its kind to change the shape of the cornea.

How is Raindrop Vision Inlay Different than LASIK?

The inlay is placed within the cornea under a flap in the eye. When it’s in its position, the inlay begins to change to the curvature of the eye. This transparent disk is undetectable to others, so no one will notice a cosmetic difference in your eye. The Raindrop is placed in the cornea of your non-dominant eye, making your nearsighted and farsighted vision work together to create a clear image. Unlike LASIK, it allows an eye to see both near and far.

Innovative Procedure Leads to Successful Vision Results

According to case studies, results of the procedure were still exceptional even after two years, as most patients continuously had clear vision reading everyday items without the help of reading glasses. Other results include:

  • 98% patients could read a newspaper,
  • 88% could read find print
  • 76% could read an email on their computer desktop without any Presbyopia symptoms.

Prior to surgery, you’ll be determined if you are an eligible candidate for the procedure. If accepted and you decide to move forward, an appointment will be scheduled to perform the surgery. The day after the no-stitch procedure is completed, you’ll be able to resume all of your daily activities, including driving.

The Importance of Quality Eye Care at North Suburban Eye Specialists

At North Suburban Eye Specialists, we believe that excellent technology and exceptional medical care are the perfect combination for clear vision. The Raindrop Inlay is the newest innovation in eliminating the need for reading glasses, and we’re the first in Minnesota to bring it to you. If you’re interested in this efficient alternative to readers, make sure to call us to discuss your options today!